Thursday, July 17, 2008


Exploration IStitching polyester fabric, and heat setting.

This exploration, was something we had some very high hopes from, but it all failed as this was very flat and the 3-D projection was very little.

Exploration II

Tying a piece of 100% polyester fabric treated with starch made of flour and water
on a tumbler and then heat setting the fabric to retain the shape of the tumbler. This was rather successful as the 3 D projection in this one was better and the fabric did not look flat.

Exploration II a
The Making of A Mask
Applying Vaseline, so as to remove the mask without any friction.

We used P.O.P bandages, readily available, to make the masks.

The weather was not allowing the mask to dry, so we used the micro wave to dry the mask quickly.

We used polyester fabric initially, but it was way too slippery and not gripping on to mask to retain the shape. It was a huge worry as we knew heat setting would be the best way to achieve what we wanted.
Then we tried cotton fabric, but heat set was surely not going to work in this case, so we used the maida starch and held the fabric over the mask with help of all-pins. We dried it using a blow drier. Then for about 50 seconds in the micro-wave.

The fabric when removed off the mask, retained the shape very well, and the best way to the fabric sculpture was in light that helps in casting shadows on the contours that make dents.